Zing helps people create new knowledge faster. Invent new products and services. Work and learn in teams. Put students in charge of their own collaborative learning. Become fantastic facilitators. Transform organisations to survive rapid change. Help people think and do the extraordinary.

Collaborate face-to-face. team-to-team or across the internet. Tools to vote, sort, weight, rank, combine, summarise, provoke, decide.

Teamrooms for business. Classrooms for schools. Portable kits for consultants and managers. Conference kits. Networked learning centres.

Proven thinking, learning and decision methods from leading boutique consultants and educators. Capture and distribute your thinking expertise.

Why Zing?:
Explore new ideas about rapid knowledge creation, guided discovery learning, accelerated teamwork and large-scale organisation transformation.

Get Started:
Train as a facilitator. Become accredited as a trainer. Choose hardware and software. Improve your meetings. Create your own software.

Software downloads, movies, reports, white papers, templates, presentations, sample sessions, price lists product lists, stories and fun stuff.

The nicest place in cyberspace. Locate your nearest reseller. Hire a facilitator. Purchase the software. Rent a portable system. Rent a room. Contact us.